MSC - Certified Sustainable Seafood

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Royal Greenland Dutch Association of Eel traders
Friends of the Sea
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Sustainable and responsible

The sea takes good care of us, which is why we have to treat the sea well. This means: safeguarding the fish stocks and protecting ecosystems.


Fix Fisch attaches great importance to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. We take into account the effects our business operations have on humans, environment and society. It is Fix Fisch’s objective to supply sustainable products and services that burden the environment as little as possible.


Our product range includes ASC and MSC certified products. We also supply products with the Friends of the Sea quality mark or the Duurzaam Paling Fonds (Sustainable Eel Foundation) logo.


Furthermore, Fix Fisch is partner of the ‘Good Fish Programme’ of the North Sea Foundation. Due to this collaboration, our customers can distinguish themselves as sustainable without all the red tape for the required certification. That way they can concentrate on what’s essential: good fish on the menu.


Fix Fisch - sustainable


Please click here for the Fix Fisch MSC Certificate     |      Click here for the ASC Certificate of Approval for Fix Fisch

Navigate to the MSC websiteNavigate to the ASC website


Please click here for the Fix Fisch IFS Cerificate


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