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Hygiene at Fix Fisch B.V.

Fix Fisch B.V. strives continuously to develop high quality (food) safety, excellent environmental and working conditions while working according to the HACCP system.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.
Companies dealing with the preparation, processing, treatment, packing, transport and distribution of food, need to indentify and analyze all aspects of the production process. This process must ensure that the production process has the least possible risk to public health.

HACCP is a preventive manual with rules and regulations. A system that is based on seven principles. Companies must focus on their own situation. They need to find out  where and at what stage of production and/or distribution processes dangers could arise. They also describe the measures to be taken to prevent pre identified threats, which checks should be carried out and in what results it should effect.

In short: HACCP is focused only on the health safety issues of a product and not the quality of the product, yet HACCP principles are the basis of most food quality and safety assurance systems. By detecting the health hazards in preparation/treatment processes and by making them manageable, the safety of the product increased and ensured.
The seven key elements of a HACCP system are:

1: Conduct a hazard analysis
2: Identify critical control points
3: Establish critical limits for each critical control point.
4: Establish critical control point monitoring requirements.
5: Establish corrective actions.
6: Establish procedures for ensuring the HACCP system is working as intended.
7: Establish record keeping procedures.

Fix Fisch fully commits to the strict HACCP standards in order to guarantee a safe and optimal fresh product for our customers. Our staff is trained to perform the appropriate checks to maintain this standard within our company.

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