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Just good is not good enough

multimedia/teksten/tekst_fixfisch_profiel.jpgTo exceed even the highest expectations of our customers by supplying only the very best fish. That is what wholesaler Fix Fisch BV aims at. Because we think just good is not good enough.


Everything we do is targeted at quality - whether it is about purchasing incredibly fresh and sustainably-caught fish directly at the source, the traditional processing of the fish or the super swift delivery. At the same time we always guarantee a good price.


Fix Fisch not only wants to offer high-quality products, but also the best service. Our experience, expertise, dedication and honesty allow us to meet the specific wishes of our customers.


That we set high standards for ourselves is reflected by the rapid growth of our company. Since the foundation of Fix Fisch in 1996 by ex-fisherman Arie van der Plas and his wife Jacoline, we have grown into a trusted name with catering establishments and organisations within the Netherlands and far beyond.


Our Mission:

To supply high-quality fish products that exceed the expectations of our customers

Our Core Values:

  • Experienced, professional, dedicated
  • A team of hardworking employees with a great sense of responsibility
  • Always finds the best solutions for the specific needs of the customer with respect to price, quality, return or sustainability

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