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Royal Greenland Dutch Association of Eel traders
Friends of the Sea
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Excellent service

multimedia/teksten/tekst_fixfisch_service2.jpgOur service is unrivalled. As a customer you can always rely on a personal approach, short lines of communication and a high degree of flexibility.


Helping our customers find solutions is an important mission for us. Our open and honest communication always enables us to find the best solutions for your specific needs with respect to price, quality, return or sustainability. We are pleased to help you put together your menu.


Thanks to our collaboration with inONE, ordering is very easy. You can order with a palmtop , simply from your kitchen, office or warehouse. Less mistakes are made this way and it reduced the use of paper.


Our weekly offers are not only cheap, they are also a source of inspiration to our customers. For herring carts, mussel pans, lobster tanks and decorative material, we are at your service too.




On the road straight away
To ensure that our clients receive the fish as quickly and therefore as fresh as possible, Fix Fisch keeps the transport in its own hands. We have our own, extensive fleet of fully-conditioned delivery trucks with which we deliver six days a week.


When it comes to transportation, Fix Fisch also takes the environment into account. For example, we have a delivery truck with solar panels that generate power for the cooling.


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