Published: 23/01/2018

Worldrecord Mark Slats

Last week Mark Slats arrived at Schiphol, after the impressive achievement of the world record solo and non-stop oceaneering.

The carpenter from Wassenaar in The Netherlands is supported by Fix Fisch, Arie van der Plas had the opportunity to speak to him during the crossing via the satellite telephone.

In 30 days Mark crossed the Atlantic Ocean, pulverizing the old record that was set earlier at almost 50 days. He participated in the Atlantic Challenge, one of the toughest rowing events in the world. A journey of nearly 5000 kilometers, from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean island of Antigua.

Mark had never rowed before, but decided to take on the challenge when his mother became seriously ill. His goal with rowing is to collect sponsor money for cancer medicines (Dutch webpage).

All Fix Fisch employees congratulate him with this unprecedented achievement!


mark slats

(Source photo: Facebookpage Mark Slats)

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