Our customers

Our customers

Fix Fisch supplies to a wide range of companies uses seafood around the globe. We provide our service from the bars locally to the world of luxury mega yachts anchored in the Caribbean. Everyone working with seafood can find its way to Fix Fisch seafood wholesale

Our relationship with our customer is of that importance that we see our customers as partners in the business, together we can present a healthy and beautiful fish product.

Our market share consist mainly of the following categories:


Fix Fisch B.V. supplies to many hotels, restaurants and bars in the region of south/west Holland. We offer for every location their specific required seafood product. Our assortment creates a one-stop-shop for all your seafood products. Our acclimatized processing facility offers customized filed and portion controlled fresh fish on a daily base. Our smoked fish is being manufactured, out of daily fresh fish, by our own unique crafted recipe. Therefor we have created special unique flavors.

Fish shops

For the Fish Shops we are the “one-stop-shop”. We deliver freshly caught fish daily. Our assortment frozen, deep fry and bake off seafood products are fully stocked items. For supplying the fish shops, it is convenient and reliable.

Catering companies

For catering companies is Fix Fisch a reliable partner in seafood wholesale. Customized portion controlled filed, unique flavored smoked and daily caught fish package makes us unique as high quality seafood wholesaler.

Wholesale (Seafood)

Daily purchase of big volume fresh fish for the best price, give us the ability to supply wholesale company. They appreciate our new processing facility build according to the highest HACCP standards, certified IFS, MSC and ASC. Follow the MVO ruling make us one of a kind


Fix Fisch export is mainly to the German seafood market, German seafood market is where it all started. That is where the name “Fix Fisch” got created. We supply wholesale, department stores, hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

Besides Germany we export globally, North & South America’s, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Middle East.


We do not supply to private individuals.


Our company

To surpass the level of expectation, we provide the highest quality fish possible to our customers. This is Fix Fisch B.V.!  Just good is not good enough

Fix Fisch B.V. is a high quality seafood wholesale company, suppling fish shops, seafood supplier, retail, hotel, restaurants and bars throughout the Netherlands and Germany. We are HACCP accommodated with certification IFS, MSC and ASC. Follow the MVO ruling make us one of a kind!

Fix Fisch pursues only one goal, offers the highest quality in a sustainable way

Experience our company throughout the website, explore the wide range of fresh fish we offer. Feel free to inquire about our daily caught fresh fish assortment with accurate prices. For our register customers we have the option to order online. Please feel free to contact us by any questions or inquiry!

Our seafood wholesale company is driving by quality – start from buying by the source of fresh sustainable caught fish to its respectful handling and processing of our fresh fish. With our special delivery service we guarantee best price!

With high standard quality products we offer the best service possible. Our experience, expertise and dedication we meet the specific wishes of our customer. That performance is the key to success has proven by the growth of the company over the recent years. Fix Fisch was founded in 1996 by fishermen Arie & Jacoline van de Plas, they have developed an trusted name in the world of seafood wholesaler throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

Our mission:

Our focus as Seafood Supplier is deliver high quality fish beyond the expectation of our customers

As customer, you can count on our personal customer service, direct communication and fully flexible sales team. With price, quality, profitability and sustainability with offer the complete package to our customer specific needs. We offer our service by creating your new menu.

Fix Fisch will be focusing on more sustainability and offing more labelled “goede vis” to the market. It is our intention to create a sustainable concept with our valuable customers. Sustainability is the main focus of interest in our organization and will be of the importance for the future of Fix Fisch

Our key value:

  • Expertise, knowledge, dedication
  • A team of experienced employees with great responsibility
  • Always the best solution for the specific needs of our customers
  • Price, quality, profitability and sustainability
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