Sustainable and responsable

Sustainable and responsable

Fix Fisch is environmentely friendly

Fix Fisch attaches great importance to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We take into consideration the effects of our business operations on people, the environment and society. Providing sustainable products and services in the most environmentally friendliest way, is our goal at Fix Fisch. The sea is very good to us so we need to be good for the sea. This means: securing fish stocks and protecting ecosystems.

Sustainable products

We have ASC and MSC-certified products in our assortment. We offer seafood products with the “Friends of the Sea” quality mark or/and Sustainable Eel Fund logo. Fix Fisch B.V. is IFS certified. IFS Standards are uniform food, product and service standards. They ensure that IFS-certified companies produce a product or provide a service that complies with customer specifications, while continually working on process improvements.

We have to act responsible with the natural resources don’t jeopardize fish stocks and marine ecosystems, therefor Fix Fisch B.V. is MSC certified. Fisheries that obtain the MSC quality mark show demonstrably better environmental results. Fish stocks grow, bycatch decreases and the various sea beds receive protection. This appears from research that recently published the leading scientific journal Science.

Fix Fisch B.V. does the purchase itself at various fish action in the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. We buy mainly from day boats and fishing vessels responsible for fishing (CVV). The responsible fish certification has been developed to demonstrate from the sector that owners of fishing vessels bring a responsible fish product ashore. We also pay attention to the fishing methods, so that the highest quality fish is guaranteed.

Environmentally friendly production

Fix Fisch pay a lot of attention to the environment, it showcases in our newly constructed and current production facility. For example, the lights are all LED, the wall panels are extra thick so the cold stays within the building therefor we don’t lose any energy. The cool / freeze system runs on ammonia (NH3) Co2.

All heat is regenerated via the our ammonia cooling system. We capture the energy released by the cooling system and redistribute over the facility Even in our transport department, we do not lose sight of the environment. All our trucks have solar panels that generate the energy for refrigeration system.By processing seafood we uses lime-free water of 2 degrees Celsius, this way the water has no additional additives, this also guarantees extension the life of machines and materials.


There is a lot of attention for recycling:

  • The fish waste is sold to recycling companies, where all fish waste has a purpose. For example; making biogas, salmon feed and fish oil.
  • We receive our fresh fish mainly in styrofoam boxes, to recycle these boxes we use a shredder compaq machine, that grinds the boxes into large polystyrene bars (EPS) which are used to make new boxes or plastic.
  • Heat is regenerated, the heat from the cooling units are collected and used to heat the offices and water.
  • We separate our waste, cardboard, paper, plastic and fish waste are being collected separate.



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